Martin was born on 7 Jan 22 in Joplin, Missouri. Moved to Los Angeles when 10 weeks old. Left Belmont High School and joined USMC on 15 May 39.

First duty with D Battery, 2d Bn,10th Mar at MCRD, San Diego, CA Transferred to E Co, 2d Bn, 4th Marine Regiment, arriving in Shanghai, China via the "Hendy Maru" on 4 May 40. Left Shanghai 27 Nov 41, arriving Subic Bay on 30 Nov 41. 2d Bn departed Olongapo on 24 Dec to Marivelis and on to Corregidor on 27 Dec to take over Beach defense of the "Rock".

Was surrendered on 6 May 42. During next 3 1/2 year itinerary included 92d Garage, Bilibib, Cabanatuan Camp 3, Nichols Field. Detail with the "White Angel",the "Wolf" and his "Merry Band Of Sadistic Bastards", back through Bilibid to Cabanatuan Camp 1 for a short stay before taking a cruise to Japan on the Taikoku Maru. Arrived at Osaka 10 Apr 44 on to Hitachi to work in a Copper mine until the end of the war.

Reenlisted and spent 20+ years in Marine Corps. Retired from Camp Pendleton in 1959. Finished college and taught biology for 6 years in Fairfax County, Virginia. Spent next 6 1/2 years in Vietnam with the Agency for International Development.

Returned USA and taught tennis until 1977 when I went to Esfahan, Iran as a Management Analyst with Bell Helicopter International. Was leaving as Ayatollah Khomeni landed to take control Worked in Human Resources Management until retiring in 1993.


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