The Corregidor School has been a project of the 4th Marines for many years and was spearheaded by my father, Louis Duncan and fellow 4th Marine Ted Williams. They took up this cause upon learning no school existed on the island fortress of Corregidor and therefore the children were not receiving an education. Wanting to give back to the Philippine people for their help and generosity during the war, helping their children was chosen as the best thing to do. They enlisted the financial aide and backing of the 4th Regiment and were not disappointed. Unfortunately in 2001, the Philippine government, upon declaring Corregidor Island a Military Shrine, evacuated the families of the workers. With the children gone, there was no longer a need for a school, therefore the school was closed. This left us wondering what to do with the remaining monies.

Ted Williams requested the assistance of Ric Catahan, a Philippine survivor of the Bataan Death March and current president of The Corregidorian, USA, Inc., in finding a school. Ric suggested Llamas Memorial Institute, the oldest high school in Mariveles (on the Bataan Peninsula at the entrance to Manila Bay - the closest town to Corregidor on the Philippine mainland). Llamas Memorial Institute was opened in the 1940's to offer continuing education to qualified high school students of Mariveles. Initially, eggs, chickens and other farm products were accepted as tuition to ensure even the poorest would be admitted. Upon learning more about the school and the history, we, the trustees of the Corregidor School Fund, have decided to shift our support and remaining monies to one grand project which will benefit the students of Llamas Memorial Institute. This decision is consistent with the initial purpose and philosophy of giving back to the children.

In 2006, construction of a library was completed at Llamas Memorial Institute. The library was christened
"The U.S. 4th Marine Center of Knowledge."


The U.S. 4th Marine Center of Knowledge will benefit
the children of today and the children of tomorrow,
giving eternal tribute to the well deserved heroes of
World War II.

Can we count on your help to continue the benefits of
The U.S. 4th Marine Center of Knowledge?

Please make your check payable to
The Corregidorian, USA, Inc. and mail to:

Debby Duncan Cossart
P. O. Box 2887
Fallbrook, CA 92088

Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and help in creating a legacy for the 4th Marines.

Semper Fideles,

Debby Duncan Cossart
Treasurer | Corregidor School Fund


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