Vintage Moving Pictures

Movietone News Reel "March of Marines" Shanghai Footage - 1931 Shanghai Footage - 1938

( USMC at 5:30 minute mark)

Final Corregidor Radio Broadcast Japanese Attack Footage Prisoner of War Footage Cabanatuan ex POWS

Soldiers of US Army 6th Ranger Battalion, Alamo Scouts, and Filipino guerrillas stand along with American prisoners of war they freed from Japanese prison at Cabanatuan, Philippines, in a daring raid behind Japanese lines, in World War 2. The soldiers converse with liberated prisoners. They board trucks. Thatched huts in the background. Some of the released prisoners and soldiers march on a field and others aboard the trucks as they head back to the American lines. Location: Cabanatuan Philippines. Date: January 30, 1945.